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What is the difference between HyClear and other pure hypochlorous acid .01% products?

While there are many Hypochlorous Acid products on the market, not all are created equal. They vary in concentration, formulation components, and their manufacturing processes. Unlike other products HyClear (Balanced Anolytic Hypochlorous Acid .01%) uses a unique manufacturing process that combines unsurpassed activity and comfort while remaining non-cytotoxic. Through this process we obtain the formulation of hypochlorous acid with all the benefits of a pure solution and the added benefit of stability.

Why is HyClear packaged in a plastic bottle?
Is HyClear a prescription product?
What is Hypochlorous Acid and what does it do?
What are the side effects of HyClear?
What are the ingredients in HyClear?
Is HyClear safe if sprayed directly into the eye?
How long will a bottle of HyClear last?

How to Use HyClear